Marketing is more important than you think

Figuring out how to market your solution is just as integral a part of the product development process as finding the best solution. Marketing should not be left as an afterthought. Yes, the best products market themselves, but your product most likely isn’t in the top 0.1% of products.

This is especially true in consumer technology where technology isn’t the differentiating factor. And even in enterprise tech, having the best technology or product doesn’t guarantee market success. In a world where engineers are founders and CEOs, it’s easy to make sales and marketing an afterthought.

Even the term marketing isn’t favored within startups; for technical people, marketing is known as “growth hacking”. They apply analytics to marketing and use the scientific method (formulate hypothesis, test, and conclude). But you can’t growth hack a product that doesn’t catch on in the first place.

For consumer apps where technology is not the differentiating factor, marketing is just as important as engineering.